Sunday, April 28, 2019


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Ladies and Gentlemen, 

The Tokoh Wartawan Negara is --- Johan Jaafar.

Johan.. WHO?

Was he a cadet reporter? Was he a reporter? Was he on the ground reporting crimes, covering the rakyat's problem? 

Oh, he's Tokoh Wartawan Negara because some people in MPI sees him fit to be one.

We already know who's going to be the next Tokoh Wartawan Negara. To avoid embarrassment, no name will be mentioned. Those in line need not worry but they can start drafting their acceptance speech text.

It's among friends anyway.

It's going to be a Malay.

To the non-Malays journalists who write well and known, please don't complain.   

Anyway, the award ceremony was graced by the private sectors who bought tables.

Former editors and journalists, please reads the papers and follow your ex-colleagues Facebook to find out the next Tokoh Wartawan Negara.

MPI only invites certain friends and personalities to grace their annual event.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019



I have asked my office to stop Utusan Malaysia's subscriptions.

I thought under Malaysia Baru and without inteference from the Government of the Day, Utusan will become a real "newspaper".

Surprisingly, it has become a thrash, the editors have the brain of  that of a "ketua cawangan Umno".

Sounds rude? Just take a look at their contents.

It's either wrong editors are being put in charge or the paper has lost any hope of survival and just banking on Umno returning to power.

Next on my list is the NST. By next month, if the paper doesn't improve,  the best thing to do is axe its subscription.

I would have expected NST to have a glimpse of the Times of London or the New York Times.

But when it tries to thrive on trivialism,  it' s time to cut my office expenditure.

We didn't buy NST to discover how hot the weather now or how many tonnes of rubbish in the country.

We expect intellectual journalism. 

We expect stories similar to the Brexit issues in the Times of London and the border wall initiated by Donald Trump to thwart immigrants coming into the US.

We expect NST to talk about why is Anwar Ibrahim so angry with Mahathir and Pas and whether he is the right choice to replace Mahathir. Why is Najib trying to cleanse himself through trolling and why some ministers under performed.

Like Utusan, NST is also becoming a thrash despite the new Government allowing them the freedom to report.  

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


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BETTER to have a devil in the house than a friend.

It seems Bernama friends deserve an unknown from EPF to be their CEO.

Initially Wan Hamidi was slated to run Bernama but according to Bernama sources certain people sabotaged his appointment.

So what do they get?

Instead of getting a friend in Wan Hamidi, they got a stranger in Nuriini in their office. Well, that's what certain quarters in Bernama deserve.

The post, formerly designated as a GM post, on many occasions were treated as an inheritance for Bernama senior executives.

Former Bernama GM was their former Editor-in-chief.

Past Bernama GM performed poorly. One of them was responsible for the loss making Bernama TV while Nurini's predecessor just warm the seat for lucrative pay packet, leaving invisble legacies..

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


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Despite not getting their November salaries, close to 700 Utusan Malaysia staff have woken up to the reality of being out of job on Dec 1.

The funny thing is the VSS compensation will be paid monthly.

On Dec 1 too, we witnessed the demise of the Malay Mail.

At the same time, Star is looking at VSSing 60 staff and so is TV3. Next year, they say, staff at NST/Berita Harian/Harian Metro will be getting letters offering them VSS.

That's how dire the situation is in the media.

NSTP staff this week saw their iconic building sold off to PNB and they will be sharing office with outsiders.

YES, outsiders will inhibit Balai Berita. It's not longer the exclusive home for journalists.

While the senior executives at Media Prima continue to enjoy hefty pay check, the journalists are staring down the barrel of death, waiting to be ejected out of their office.

 Have the industry hit rock bottom?

There won't bottom out. They will be buried alive and they will be a tombstone like the one we see at the Malay Mail.

Their owners joyfully held up the last copy of the Malay Mail afters 122 year and the guy holding it would never understand the history of  the Malay Mail,

REST IN PEACE dear media friends.

Monday, September 24, 2018


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SO dire is the situation, little birds in Utusan revealed that the management has been defaulting on EPF contributions and paying staff loans.

Utusan has since dropped down into the PN17 pit and the pit is getting deeper by the day.

The VSS which was introduced recently to save the company is being seen as a dishonest exercise and  manipulation.

VSS compensation will be paid in installments, not lump sum.

That's how dire the situation at Utusan is. 

Their Group Editor, Aziz Ishak, dumped the company much earlier when it was during his tenure Utusan was destroyed.

It was him and Najib Razak who burned down the house at Utusan.

Ironically, after losing his job as the Prime Minister, Najib visited the office of his much hated news portal - the Malaysiakini.

And until today, he hasn't dropped by the office of Utusan to see the sufferings he has inflicted upon them.

Will Utusan survive the financial onslaught?

My bet is Utusan will be a midget in no time.

Next installment: Of Bernama, Azman Ujang and Wan Hamidi.

Saturday, June 2, 2018


Taufek & Basir

ISN'T this a joke?

Utusan lodging a police report against their OWN STAFF?

That shows how desperate their editors are, trying desperately to hang on to their job.

They can do whatever they want, Zahid Hamid's operators will run them aground sooner than they would expect.

Jabatan Pengarang Utusan buat laporan polis terhadap Taufek, Basir
03 Jun 2018 7:00 AM

KUALA LUMPUR 3 Jun - Jabatan Pengarang Utusan Melayu (Jabatan Pengarang) telah membuat laporan polis terhadap NUJ Cawangan Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Berhad yang didakwa membuat kenyataan berunsur fitnah dalam portal berita, Malaysiakini pada 30 Mei lalu.

Laporan polis itu dibuat oleh wakil Jabatan Pengarang di sebuah balai polis, di sini semalam.

Langkah itu diambil selepas tuntutan Jabatan Pengarang supaya Presiden NUJ Cawangan Utusan Melayu, Taufek Razak dan Setiausahanya, Basir Abu Bakar menarik balik semua dakwaan, memohon maaf serta melahirkan rasa kesal, tidak dibuat dalam tempoh 24 jam yang diberikan Jabatan Pengarang.

Oleh itu, Jabatan Pengarang menyerahkan perkara itu kepada pihak polis untuk mencari keadilan.

Dalam satu kenyataan yang dikeluarkan sebelum ini, Jabatan Pengarang memandang serius dakwaan NUJ Cawangan Utusan Melayu itu yang disiarkan dalam Malaysiakini bahawa kerugian Utusan selama ini berpunca daripada ‘mismanagement’ barisan pemimpin pengarang, termasuk salah laku dan amalan rasuah.

Menurut laporan Malaysiakini itu, semua dakwaan tersebut terkandung dalam memorandum kesatuan terbabit bertarikh 26 Mei 2018 yang dihantar kepada Naib Presiden UMNO yang menjalankan tugas Presiden, Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Malaysiakini dalam laporan berita yang sama juga memetik Taufek mengesahkan kewujudan dan penyerahan memorandum itu kepada Zahid.

Jabatan Pengarang juga mempersoalkan niat NUJ Cawangan Utusan Melayu yang melihat kepemimpinan Jabatan Pengarang sebagai gagal memenangkan Barisan Nasional dan UMNO (pada Pilihan Raya Umum ke-14), seperti yang dilaporkan oleh Malaysiakini.

Kesemua dakwaan tersebut adalah fitnah, tidak bertanggungjawab, tidak bermoral dan didorong oleh anasir luar dan pihak tertentu yang mahu menguasai serta memudaratkan perniagaan Utusan Melayu.

Pada 15 Mei 2018, jurucakap NUJ (Taufek dan Basir) juga telah mengeluarkan kenyataan kepada FMT mendesak UMNO melepaskan pegangan saham dalam Utusan.

Ini bukanlah kali pertama gesaan seumpama itu dibuat oleh pihak tertentu dalam NUJ. - UTUSAN ONLINE

Artikel Penuh:
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Tuesday, May 29, 2018


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A poison pen letter is making its way into the cyber space. It's about The Star and it's about power play.

Is the Star ship about to sink? It looks like a possibility.

With MCA winning just one Parlimentary seat and its President Liow Tiong Lai lost in Bentong, it's an obvious proof the newspaper has become irrelevant and lose the trust of the Chinese voters.

Let's take a look at the poison pen letter.

Dear Mr. President (Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai) and Deputy President Datuk Seri Dr Wee ka Siong

What might be the end of the Star Media Group Publications because of Dato Fu Ah Kiow and his blue eyed boy Roy Tan kong Wang . Please bear in mind that we are writing to both of you with no interest in any personal glory and neither to cause any harm, as we are already at the tail end of our carrier in The Star. We wish to highlight to both of you what is happening in the company is definitely going to cause a very bad impact to the party and The Star if its not addressed and attend to immediately. With the current tides of change and demand both in the business and political environments has come to see both of our beloved organizations whose names we already mentioned is in very challenging critical and turbulent times. We strongly believe that the actions of Fu Ah Kiow and Roy Tan will only bring about the end to The Star in a matter of time. This is going to further bring down the party and the public perception towards the party.

To all our surprise, Fu Ah Keow and his team hired an external consultant to think for us before the general election. By doing this begs the question as to how well these external consultants are familiar with our long standing traditions culture and ways of businesses that has for so long seen the survival and excellence of The Star. The worst part of the exercise was Roy Tan who is the blue eye boy of Fu Ah Kiow was put in-charge of the transformation project . The moron and heartless bastard has no knowledge about the culture of this wonderful organization. The Star always rated its people as its assets but as far as Roy Tan and Fu Ah Keow are concerned ,employees are at the very bottom and are treated like toilet papers. Our benefits, increments and ex.gratia are stopped in the pretext of cost cutting measures but then all the stolen money from the staff of The Star are used in ways that both Fu Ah Keow and Roy Tan wishes which has no return on investment .

Datuk Seri Liow and Datuk Seri Dr Wee ka Siong, external consultants can help but only by consulting and not by redesigning our whole future for in which that we believe has to be decided by ourselves as a team to see how well those ideas can integrate with our long standing traditions culture and ways of businesses that has seen our survival and successes all this while. The hastily and irresponsibly change now pushed by The Chairman Dato Fu Ah Kiow overnight will only spell disaster, to both the party and The Star. Fu Ah Kiow is unconcerned about the welfare and well being of the employees of The Star, he is hard – hearted, mean -spirited and ruthless. He does not even give a damm to Datuk Wong Chun Wai and bulldoze through whatever he wants in a very brutal and disgraceful methods in the name of cost cutting measures.

Until recently the Star has been successfully challenging the changes of times through its hard earned knowledge skills and wisdom in its areas of print whilst carefully moving with the changes of times into electronic/internet based prints and news TV and etc, as we are after all been established by our past and present hard work to be the number 1 Media company. Believe us all these did not come overnight, these are all only successful and seeing positive returns as they were all well researched studied and planned endeavors by the existing efforts of the older and younger generations of the Star team. In which we see is likewise wisely done in MCA our parent Company.

The employment of Roy Tan Kong Wang who is now said to be taking over as the Managing Director from Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai and the appointment of Dato Fu Ah Kiow as the chairman of The Star has brought about a severe case of unfolding disasters for the Star Media Group. Both these heartless morons whilst initially promising to work together with the existing team to propel the organization forward have actually been disastrously propelling us altogether backwards.

As a members and observers of our beloved organization and strong believers in its previous well thought off studied researched planned and profitable endeavors, we sadly find both these disgusting morons together with some existing and hired back retired staffs alienating themselves from the others in our organization and are seemed working together in their newly formed closed group towards the enrichment of themselves with positions of power and high paid salaries. Whilst making very haste care less irresponsible decisions at the expense of our beloved organizations overall traditional and profitable wellbeing ,Fu Ah Kiow claims that The President and the Party are supporting him and are behind in all his actions and decisions.

We have no means to cause harm to anyone but these few people and their confidants have been hurting our beloved organization tremendously that we have no choice but to be blunt and mention their names, they are Chairman Dato

Fu Ah Keow (the worst ever chairman Star have ever had) along with his blue eyed boy Roy Tan Kong Wang.

We want to see The Star to be a global company but please safe guard the jobs of the staff. The Star should be allowed to manage its business without the interference from the board and political meddling.

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However it should be placed under the jurisdication of the party President in order to avoid irregularities. Fu Ah Kiow even appointed a 70 years old donkey Loo Phan Kooi as the special officer to the Managing Director. Loo Phan Kooi’s contract was terminated by Vincient Tan but however when Fu Ah Kiow became the chairman of Star he was rehired again. Loo Phan Kooi was an executive with the company but was rehired so many times after his retired and now under Fu Ah Kiow ,he is even given a room.

Just like the heads of department and a staff . Its now Loo Phan Kooi who decides who stays with the Company and who leaves the company. He is basically the informer of Fu Ah Kiow. Loo Phan Kooi is so powerful that he gives orders to the news desk the stories and pictures that are to be used in the papers. He is so badly arrogant and manipulates always. He proudly tells everyone in the company that he has no retirement age and can work in The Star as long as he wants because he is a party man & Fu Ah Kiow wants him around to do the check and balance in the company. If we are talking about being over staff and cost control measures are taken , then why was Loo Phan Kooi employed by Fu Ah Kiow since he became the chairman. What kind of a chairman is Fu Ah Kiow and isnt it abuse of power?

Many other senseless high paid appointments that include Ho Wah Foon brought in by Fu Ah Kiow from The Edge with a very high salary, Fong Pex Yee and Jocelyn Tan, all three whom have passed their retirement age but given employment contract. So what are we talking about employees being redundant and having too much fat around? Look at the number of legal suit that we have got into because of Jocelyn Tan, yet she is being employed year in year out even though she has passed her retirement age. Fu Ah Kiow claims that Fong Pex Yee must be around as

the deputy president wants her for his coverage, so why does the question of redundant arises for other employees?

Datuk Seri Liow Tiang Lai and Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siang the question here is Fu Ah Kiow and Roy Tan talks about cost cutting measures and other craps that involves employees livelihood and welfare but why then rehire and keep staff who have passed their retirement age in the expenses of employees who are still within their retirement age. One of the worst thing that is happening now at The Star is the ploy of getting rid of employees in the pretext of ” REDANDCY ” and TRIMMING THE FAT AROUND, which is the buss word of Fu Ah Kiow and Roy Tan.

In the pretext of transforming The Star Media Group Fu Ah Keow and Roy Tan the came up with a business operations unit called Dimsum which is now located at the lavishly and newly renovated 6th Floor, at Menara Star. They employed senseless high paid staffs for their Dimsum dept whereby in the last two years of its existence ,have only come up with buying Chinese , Korean, Thai and other Oriental dramas for subscription in which they have been manipulating the numbers to show that they have been having positive ROI’s where in actual fact it isn’t true.

Almost thirty million ringgit has been invested into DIMSUM but till today they are way off from their target.

The one’s whom are really paying for their high salaries and covering their losses are all the incomes generated by the hardworking lesser salaried editorial and print depts. A begging point to note here is that what Dimsum is trying to do has already been achieved by organizations such as Iflix, You tube and other more established video on demand services.

We can understand if one has dreams but that one has to do it as a responsible matured thinking adult and not as spoilt child whom wants to have what his neighbors have at the expense of all his other sibling and his parents having to face and have consequential losses. Dimsum is the pet project of Fu Ah Keow and Roy Tan and they will do anything to defend it and to show its making money but in actual fact Dimsum is a loosing business and everyone in the organization is well aware of it and even in the next 5 years it will not bring in any ROI .

Its very sad to see that staff from Dimsum are paid very high salary and every effort is taken to keep them going by Fu Ah Keow and Roy Tan but all and immediate efforts are made to get rid of employees from the print segment

despite the fact that print is still the cash cow of the company. Mr. President and Deputy President the staff from the print segment have given their life for the Organization and is this how they should be treated and is this how MCA treats people? Freedom of Managing the busniess should be allowed but aggressive methods such as making employees redundant and getting rid of employees by way of VSS,MSS, EARLY RETIREMENT AND REDUNDANCY should not be tolerated by the Party.

The current leaders in The Star and the employees are passionate about making changes and taking the The Star forward. Dato Seri Wong Chun Wai and his team are fair to the employees but not the bastards Fu Ah Kiow and Roy Tan.

Please send your own auditors and team to find out about DIMSUM’s performs and find out yourselves on all investment & recruitment that has been done for digital segment. Please investigate the possibility of embezzlement and misappropriation of funds by Fu Ah Kiow and Roy Tan in running the lost making DIMSUM operations. Please act on it asap to slove this once and for all.

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Millions of ringgit has and still is being spent for the digital segment however the returns are far off and for sure the digital segment is not going to give us the ROI even in the long run as the competition is great out there. Mr President & Deputy President, The Star has to look at other investments and not spending all the money and resources on digital . The Print is being killed by Fu Ah Kiow and Roy Tan and the rest of so call higher management dare not put a stop to this merely because Fu Ah Kiow and Roy Tan are just too powerful even compared to the Party President and Deputy President. If any business unit is to be closed and staff made redundant ,it should be DIMSUM. We need to stop all the unnecessary mega and lost making projects like dimsum immediately to reduce deficit.

Recently the so called transformation committee led Roy Tan was all over the editorial floor & other departments ,messing up operations , ongoing processes and staff emotions by their actions. Everyone knows that Roy Tan intention ,as he is now covertly planning to take over the overall management of the Star by eliminating the existing management team and replacing them with his associates and close quarters all solely with the intention of having his own people to manage The Star after the elections. He even mentioned this to many of us in the editorial floor during the night of the general election that this is the best time to get rid of people and bringing new faces. We are willing to testify this in front of the President and deputy President.

Fu Ah Kiow wanted the new plan to be shared before the elections. It was shocking to see many senior names were missing and no discussion or chats were held with the relevant stake holders. Its very clear that Fu Ah Kiow and Roy Tan are going all out to ensure that the new structure is adopted before the MCA elections . Mr. President and Deputy President what both Fu Ah Keow and Roy Tan are doing will bring down The Star Media Group , we appeal to both of you and the central working committee to put a stop to this plans, The Star Media Group needs Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai , Datuk Calvin and the senior teams members to further propel the Star Media Group .

Its very shamefully and ruthless to throw away people and replace all that we have built with some directly copied bogus failed unsuccessful endeavor. Its very saddening ,heartbreaking and disastrous to see what is happening to the Star and MCA sorry to say. What is worse is that Fu Ah Kiow and Roy Tan has been telling everyone in the organization that they are doing this with the support of the President and the central committee.

Even Ministers in the cabinet will have to learn their new job scopes, so what more about us employees of The Star. Mr President and Deputy President we should find ways and mechanisms to prepare staff for the new challenges rather than making staff redundant or employing disgraceful tactics by saying too much fat around and getting rid of them. These were the same fat that had transform Star to what is it today.

Mr. President and Deputy President , from the time Roy Tan was hired by Vicient please check how much has he contribute in terms of revenue and digital segment products . He is supposed to be the COO of Digital but what has he done besides causing problems to the employees of The Star? He has hired so many staff in the digital segment with fat salary and big titles but where are the results and nothing solid has happened so far.

So why are we keeping him and paying him a huge salary for not doing anything but creating problems for all of us at The Star. How can he be made the Managing Director of The Star when he cant even speak any Chinese dialect. Worst still he does not even have any high level business networking and relationship. How is he going to bring in revenue and business deals to The Star when is does not even have simple requirements?

Please don’t allow this bastard to kill the company that has been laying the golden eggs for all of us including MCA. The spirit of offering VSS or any form of separation is to further manage operational cost but sad to say this is not what Fu Ah Keow is doing. Three VSS and one early retirement exercise was conducted in the name of cost cuttinG measures. Mr. President & Deputy President please check how many digital and dimsum staff was hired after these exercise , so what are we talking about savings and cost control measures. Now in the name of transformation Fu Ah Kiow and Roy Tan have come up with another scheme termed as “REDUNDANT EMPLOYEES” to get rid of staff.

Mr. President & Deputy President this whole episode has created so much of distress and agony among staff.

Dato Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong , you urge Tun Mahathir our PM to have mercy and to reconsider his decision to end the contract of civil servants but what are you doing about your very own people the employees of The Star , who are now left hanging and restless not knowing if they have a job within the next few months. The Public’s opinion has changed about our paper and more people are buying our papers after the general election, this is a very good indication for the print segment. To bring back our readers, restore the independence of reporting ,

report what the people needs & want and not what we want the people to hear.

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Implement meritocracy and zero tolerance of power abuse that is happening now. Moreover the print segment has been and will continue to be the cash cow of the company so please don’t kill us. Definitely the staff of The Star are not as bad as what Fu Ah Kiow and Roy Tan claims, they can be retrained and redeployed in other areas within the group subsidiaries instead of making them so call redundant. Mr. President and Deputy President please put a stop to this , we have no where to turn to other than you and the deputy President. Both your intervention is a must in this whole tragic REDUNDANT exercise.

If this gets out of hand it will make the headlines in all the media in and out the country , all relevant agencies and authorities will be notified of unfair practice that employed by Fu Ah Kiow and Roy Tan. However before it comes to that stage we want the President , the Deputy President & the central committee to put a stop it. There are lot of discrepancies in the manner so called VSS, RIGHTSIZING ,MMS,

EARLY RETIREMENT & now the REDUDANT exercise being carried out. Its now up to the party to put is right . Abuse of power by Fu Ah Kiow and Roy Tan is the problem here.

Fu Ah Kiow has also created a special tier called Chiefs besides the heads of department. This was solely done to move up Roy Tan to take over from Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai and to cover it up a few others were also promoted to the level of chief . The chiefs don’t come in cheap but yet the employment of chiefs are still on going so what are we talking about cost saving and cost cutting measures.? Recently a chief technology officer was appointed above the head of IT services department which is absolutely crazy and please don’t tell us its done based on the business requirements .

There is no need for the tier chiefs in the Star after all when we were at the peak we only had a Managing Director and General Manager to run the entire operations. This was also done during Vincent Lee’s time but as soon as Fu AhKiow and his team came in they got rid of the title chief and redesignated those who were given the title chief and some were even force out but however after sometime this tier was reintroduce again just to accommodate Roy Tay.

Mr. President and Deputy President the tier (CHIEF) is not relevant, please do away with the chief culture and there should be only the MD, COO & HEADS OF DEPARTMENT tier and nothing else . These are the fundamental reasons for us to bring up to both of you, to see, think and investigate the chaos that has been happening recently in The Star and to save our beloved organization . Fu Ah Kiow is already lobbing and talking to people in the central committee to allow him to continue as The chairman of Star for another year after the party AGM which is now brought forward for gods sake please don’s allow it as it will be the end of The Star.

From the time Ong Tee Keat became the President of MCA the party failed to play its role effectively and ignored the welfare of the employees of The Star. Ong Tee Keat buried The Star by removing Datuk Steven Tan and bringing in his own people to manage The Star. The down fall of The Star and MCA started since then. Now Fu Ah kiow and Roy Tan are burying The Star and if they are allowed to remain in The Star it will be the end of The Star. Its in public interest The Star should be managed by its own people and not instructed by the morons, Fu Ah Kiow and Roy


Its time the leadership of the party to be humble in listening to the voices of employees of The Star, stand by us and observe things from the employees perspective. Its just not about making money which then will make MCA irrelevant to the Rakyat. Thank you for your time and please realize that Mr. President its you and your deputy who are the only one whom can save and change the situation at The Star.

Please don’t treat this matter lightly or just treat it as any other matter and please don’t turn a deaf ear to our cry to both of you. You should retain Datuk Wong Chun Wai as the Managing Director and Datuk Calvin Kan as the COO for The Star to be relevant. Both Chun Wai and Calvin should be given full autonomy, so that they can make the company more financially independent and self- sustaining. There should be no political interference please. Nonetheless with the new government emphasizing meritocracy, transparency and press freedom, it can only mean the lowest cost of doing business, maximum profitability and best growth potential in the print business.

We need leadership with heart to change the landscape of The Star and to prevent the practice of unprincipled leadership of Fu Ah Kiow and Roy Tan. Both Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai and Datuk Calvin Kan are able to fulfil the trust, responsibility and hope of the staff in ensuring that The Star moves forward and free of abuse of power.

Yours sincerely



Saturday, May 26, 2018


What's the fate of Utusan Malaysia and Media Prima's newspapers and TV stations under Pakatan Harapan Government?

If it's the old Mahathir Mohamad, the editors at Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, NST, Star and TV3 will be crying like babies pleading for milk.

They will be counting whether they have enough chickens to pay mortgages for their luxurious bungalows, cars and  opulent lifestyle.

This is a different Mahathir.

Lately, the coverage of Pakatan Harapan Government by these Umno media companies is like watching a beggar sitting by the roadside seeking Dr Mahathir's compassion.

Let it be clear to the editor of Utusan and Media Prima.

Pakatan Harapan Government won't be your saviour.

Both Utusan and Media Prima are in the red.

Only cash can save them.

Where is the cash going to come from?

It has to come from Umno and only Umno. Not Pakatan Government.

What will happen when Umno has no cash? 

Both will gulung tikar.

How soon? Sooner that you would predict.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Image result for media prima directors

Image result for media prima ashraf iskandar jalil

UTUSAN MALAYSIA is sinking. They beg Umno to pay their staff salaries almost monthly. The newspaper company, literally speaking, is bankrupt.

Well, Media Prima will be next, say observers. Just fix your eyes on the table above.

NST is selling only 44K a day and insiders say on certain days, only 22k were picked up by readers, half of it by record keepers likey Government agencies and Ministers office.

Bahasa papers is seeing a bigger fall. Harian Metro's circulation is on a free fall.

This situation has alarmed the Big Boss.

With the General Election imminent, Umno top guns are concerned. Will their message reach the grassroots?

The mainstream media was influential in past elections. Recent figures released by ABC sent shivers down the spine for political masters.

Can they rely on current crop of editors to assist Umno and BN in the GE?

TV3 viewers are much lower than RTM followers, according to the insiders.

That's the reason for public infighting in Media Prima Group.

Managing Editor of TV3 vs his own Chairman. Just amazing.

Little birds in Media Prima said never the Powers that be confronted editors about their performance. All these years they keep their faith in the editors managing the TV station and newspapers. But not anymore. Recently the Prime Minister showed his concern and confronted them with questions like "what has gone wrong with the papers and TV stations".


Observers are surprised the current set of editors at Utusan Melayu are still in charge when the newspaper is struggling daily to pay wages and stabilise their circulation rate.

In any other businesses, according to the observers, the CEO would have been sacked and the editors changed and shuffled.

The Media Prima Group is run much professionally than the Utusan Melayu Group.

The observers feel that interesting development is in the offing at Media Prima.

They sense that the CEO of NSTP will be asked to leave or he will voluntarily jump off the ship and there will changes at the editors level at the print and TV station to prevent  Media Prima becoming another Utusan Melayu.

The present crop of editors have been given enough time to prove themselves and they fall flat on their faces especially at NST.

Selling 22k a day is a joke. The editors should stop embarrassing themselves and made one last sacrifice by taking a backseat and let better hands to be on deck to salvage their paper. They have failed.

Interestingly, the top man at TV3 may also go. Rated below RTM news is an insult to the organisation and staff morale.

They need a new commander in chief.

And they need it NOW. 

And very likely, they will get a new one soon come 2017. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016


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Almost 2/3 of the UK read newspapers in the olden days. But not anymore.

The Independent, one of the youngest newspapers in the UK, is closing down its print edition.

During its heyday, the paper surpassed 200,000 copies but now, it's selling just about 57,000.

Death at the doorstep for the industry?

One newspaper in Malaysia is now selling just 50,000 copies daily.

It's the NST.

Is the NST following the Independent to the grave?

Or it continues to defy death.

Let's wait.

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This is why Media Prima has decided to part ways with some of their staff - a big number are senior executives.

Falling circulation. The figures speak for itself and the worst performer is the NST which recorded a figure below 75,000 a day.

I bet this is the worst NST in the paper's history.

Let's see whether their CEO and Editors will be able to turn it around or it's their turn to turn around and leave the paper to new hands.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


NSTP editors and executives including Jalil Hamid must have had thick skin and shameless. 


Circulation of media prima papers July - Dec 2013

1. Berita Harian - 89,555 copies a day

2. BH Ahad - 140,487

3. NST - 51,102

4. New Sunday Times - 67,123

5. Harian Metro - 335,240

6. Metro Ahad - 335,417

Don't expect heads to fall at the Media Prima. I heard it's all about apple polishing over there.

But I pray for someone to take ownership. But don't expect mass resignations among the executives. The pay is just too lucrative to let go.

It's just shameful and disgraceful. And they have no shame and dignity.


NSTP papers see massive plunge in circulation after GE13

Newspapers published by the New Straits Times group are most affected by the plunge in circulation, according to latest figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulation Malaysia. Malaysian dailies are generally pro-government as they are tightly controlled and require licence. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, June 4, 2014.Newspapers published by the New Straits Times group are most affected by the plunge in circulation, according to latest figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulation Malaysia. Malaysian dailies are generally pro-government as they are tightly controlled and require licence. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, June 4, 2014.The Umno-controlled New Straits Times Press newspaper group was hit with a massive drop in circulation in the second half of 2013 while other major dailies stagnated, according to figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulation Malaysia (ABC).
The figures fell after the May 5 general election, which saw the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) lose seven more federal seats despite controlling the mass media, which require a licence and are mostly owned or controlled by political parties in the ruling government.
“Most dailies could not sustain the numbers after the first half of 2013 (January to June 2013), which was during the GE13," the ABC said in a statement following a meeting in Vietnamese capital Hanoi.
“Sin Chew Jit Poh (day) is the number one daily with 366,390 copies followed by Harian Metro at 342,689 copies and The Star with 289,611 copies.
“Under the free and controlled category, The Sun recorded 305,000 copies, Red Tomato 209,599 copies and Malaysia SME 50,000 copies,” the ABC said.
The ABC figures released today showed that the total copies of newspapers sold in West Malaysia dropped by more than 260,000 from July to December 2013.
The NSTP's English daily, New Straits Times, had the biggest drop in circulation in the group when it plunged by 32.78% or 37,885 copies from July to December 2013.
Circulation for its Sunday edition, the New Sunday Times, also fell by about 25% to 98,776 copies in December 2013.
NSTP's Malay dailies Berita Harian and Harian Metro also lost circulation by 25% and 11% respectively, although the afternoon tabloid Harian Metro used to be the most widely-circulated newspaper in Malaysia.
ABC said that in December 2013, Harian Metro's circulation was 342,689 copies, while its Sunday edition's circulation dropped by 10%.
The circulation for Berita Harian's Sunday edition also fell more than 26,000 copies or 14%.
But the Umno-owned Malay broadsheet Utusan Malaysia survived better than the NSTP papers, although its circulation slid 6.3% or 12,204 copies in the second half of 2013.
Utusan's Sunday edition, Mingguan Malaysia, was the highest circulated Malay newspaper in December 2013, slipping by 1.74% in circulation compared to in June.
The ABC report said that Utusan group's tabloid Kosmo and its Sunday edition Kosmo Ahad, also saw an increase in circulation for the July-December period.
Malaysia's most popular English newspaper, The Star and Sunday Star kept its circulation at close to 300,000 copies, rising less than 1000 copies between July to December 2013.
But the paper said subscription for its digital edition E-paper had risen.
Respected business newspaper The Edge's circulation rose from 20,720 in June to 24,284 by year's end, up 17%.
There was also a circulation drop among the Chinese newspapers, except for the China Press which held its circulation at 176,000 copies between July to December 2013.
ABC said that circulation dropped by 5.4% for Guan Ming Daily, 3.6% for Guan Ming Evening Edition, China Press Evening Edition (5.9 %), Sin Chew Daily (4.9%) and Sin Chew Evening Edition (11%). – June 4, 2014.

Mingguan Malaysia akhbar nombor 1

KUALA LUMPUR 30 Mei - Mingguan Malaysia mengatasi akhbar bahasa Melayu yang lain di negara ini apabila mencatatkan jumlah edaran paling tinggi iaitu sebanyak 366,496 naskhah setiap keluaran sepanjang Julai hingga Disember tahun lalu.

Pengedaran akhbar mingguan terbitan Utusan Melayu (M) Berhad itu menunjukkan peningkatan sebanyak 2,849 naskhah berbanding tempoh sama pada 2012.

Tiga lagi akhbar yang diterbitkan Utusan Melayu iaitu Utusan Malaysia mencatatkan jumlah edaran sebanyak 170,338 setiap keluaran manakala Kosmo! sebanyak 201,121 naskhah dan Kosmo! Ahad sebanyak 210,520 naskhah.

Jumlah edaran terkini itu diaudit oleh Biro Audit Pengedaran (ABC) dan dipaparkan menerusi laman sesawang

Edaran dua akhbar tabloid terbitan New Straits Times Press (M) Berhad (NSTP), Metro Ahad dan Harian Metro pula masing-masing berjumlah 355,417 naskhah dan 335,240 naskhah.

Dua lagi akhbar terbitan NSTP iaitu BH Ahad mencatatkan jumlah edaran sebanyak 140,487 naskhah manakala Berita Harian pula sebanyak 89,555 naskhah.

Bagi kategori akhbar bahasa Inggeris, Sunday Star mencatatkan jumlah edaran tertinggi iaitu sebanyak 291,675 naskhah setiap keluaran sepanjang Julai hingga Disember tahun lalu.

Selain itu, akhbar harian The Star mencatatkan jumlah edaran sebanyak 289,043 naskhah diikuti New Sunday Times (67,123 naskhah), New Straits Times (51,102 naskhah) dan The Edge (22,520 naskhah).
Sin Chew pula mengatasi akhbar bahasa Cina lain di negara ini dengan jumlah edaran sebanyak 379,857 naskhah bagi keluaran edisi pagi dan petang diikuti China Press (238,958 naskhah), Guang Ming (106,005 naskhah) serta Oriental Daily (85,079 naskhah).

Secara keseluruhan, akhbar bahasa Melayu mencatatkan jumlah edaran 1,869,174 naskhah setiap keluaran berbanding sebanyak 721,373 naskhah bagi akhbar bahasa Inggeris dan 809,899 naskhah untuk akhbar bahasa Cina.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


NSTP CEO Azlan Abdullah came under attack today in an "open (poison pen) letter", a day before NSTP's parent company, Media Prima, holds its AGM.

The letter which was emailed to almost every staff at Balai Berita calls on the directors of Media Prima to remove Azlan before the company is doomed.

This is the contents of the letter which was written in Malay.

Subject: Surat Terbuka Kepada Lembaga Pengarah NSTP

Saya seorang karyawan NSTP yang telah cukup lama berkhidmat sebagai wartawan dan pemerhati. Selama tempoh NSTP di bawah pemerhatian saya, banyak pengalaman telah ditimba. Yang pahit dan yang manis, yang merunsingkan serta yang menggembirakan, dari zaman pengerusi NSTP naik helikopter untuk hadir ke majlis, sehingga zaman NSTP hutang tinggi menggunung. Semuanya saya terima dengan hati terbuka. Namun sampai bila perasaan ini perlu terus diuji?

NSTP telah mengumumkan keputusan bagi prestasi kewangannya bagi tahun 2013. Jika dibandingkan dengan tahun 2012, apakah analisis yang dapat dilakukan?

Hasil Pendapatan merosot hampir rm20 juta ke rm713 juta, Kos Pengedaran naik sebanyak rm2.6 juta ke rm9 juta, Kos Pentadbiran naik sebanyak rm7 juta ke rm216 juta, Keuntungan dari Operasi jatuh hampir rm20 juta ke rm64 juta. Keputusan akhir? Keuntungan selepas Cukai sebanyak rm56 juta. Kita gagal mencapai KPI kita. Saya masih ingat pada tahun 2010, keuntungan selepas cukai NSTP pernah mencapai jumlah sebanyak rm77 juta dengan pendapatan hanya setakat rm670 juta. Memang tidak dinafikan yang kos perniagaan semakin hari semakin meningkat tetapi bukankah kita juga sepatutnya semakin hari semakin bijak menguruskan perniagaan yang hampir 169 tahun ini? Dengar khabar dari rakan sekerja di Circulation, jumlah bagi suratkhabar tidak terjual telah melebihi rm48 juta bagi tahun 2013. Bila disoal lebih lanjut, rupanya jumlah ini telah meningkat hampir rm9 juta sejak 2 tahun yang lepas. Kenapa boleh meningkat sebegitu rupa? Penipuan? Tak kan lah sampai rm9 juta baru nak sedar? Apa yang CEO kita buat selama dua tahun ni? Rupanya bukan setakat roti canai saja yang boleh banjir, pasaran suratkhabar pun boleh ikut sama dibanjiri. Dimanakah logiknya kalau bekalan ditambah apabila permintaan sudah tiada? Kalau saya cuma boleh makan roti canai sekeping, apa guna mamak tu buatkan sampai lima keping melainkan dia nak makan sendiri. Mamak yang bukan akauntan pun pandai guna otak.

Apa lagi punca kos kita naik melambung? Harian Metro, terbitan terulung kita. Sehari hampir 390 ribu salinan kita jual. Memang hebat. Tapi dari jumlah itu, di Sabah dan Sarawak saja kita jual hampir 27 ribu salinan sehari pada harga rm1.80 senaskah. Cukup ke nak cover kos kertas, cetak dan edar? Ada ke pendapatan pengiklanan dari Sabah dan Sarawak yang boleh bantu menampung kos pengeluaran ni? Macamana pula dengan jumlah suratkhabar tidak terjual di sana? Janganlah salahkan kos tinggi kalau kita sendiri tak pandai nak mengurus operasi kita. 

Sudah 2 tahun saya memerhati prestasi CEO kita, mula-mulanya saya teruja juga bila melihat pada tahun 2012 keuntungan syarikat naik sebanyak rm3 juta ke rm67 juta berbanding dengan tahun 2011. Tapi bila saya tengok balik dengan lebih teliti, ada pulak satu perkara yang dipanggil Share of Results of Associates sebanyak rm8 juta, naik sebanyak RM4.8 juta berbanding tahun sebelumnya (2011 hanya rm3.1 juta). Apa menatang Share of Results of Associates ni? Bila ditengok balik, rupanya dia ni hasil pelaburan NSTP di MNI, sebuah syarikat pengeluar kertas di Temerloh. Dalam erti kata yang lain, ini hasil yang bukan dari operasi harian kita di mana kalau kita duduk goyang kaki pun duit tu akan masuk sebab mak ayah kita laburkan masa dulu-dulu untuk masa depan kita ni. Jadi kalau tidak diambil kira jumlah ini, pendapatan syarikat bagi tahun 2012 hanyalah rm59 juta berbanding tahun 2011 yang sebanyak rm61juta. Dan jika digunakan sekali lagi perumpamaan itu, bagi tahun 2013, keuntungan syarikat kita ni cumalah rm46.9 juta sebab pulangan pelaburan MNI tu rm9.2 juta. Untuk kita yang masih bebal dan tak faham jugak, kurangkan makan mempedal kerana maknanya adalah sejak CEO kita mula mengambil alih, prestasi kita sebenarnya menurun selama 2 tahun berturut-turut. Syarikat kita tak lagi mampu menjanakan pendapatan yang berterusan melalui operasi kerana kita cuma mengharapkan pulangan dari MNI untuk memupukkan pendapatan kita. Cuba kita fikirkan apa yang akan berlaku pada MNI bila permintaan untuk suratkhabar di zaman digital ini jatuh dan pembelian kertas menurun? Masa tu mungkin NSTP akan mula jual semua hartanah yang ada hanya untuk menunjukkan keputusan yang cantik dipandang mata dan untuk membayar bonus kita semua.

Cakap pasal bonus, terima kasih pada Media Prima sebab agaknya kalau tak kerana Media Prima, kita semua tak kan merasa satu sen pun. Ye la, KPI pun tak capai nak cakap banyak apa lagi. Apabila kita timbulkan rasa tidak puas hati tentang isu bonus, kita diberitahu yang keadaan pasaran dan industri suratkhabar sedang mengalami kekusutan. Banyak powerpoint yang canggih dan berkelip-kelip ditunjukkan bagi menyakinkan kita yang memang kita tidak mampu melawan arus industri yang ganas melanda. Namun, secara objektifnya, kekusutan pasaran suratkhabar bukanlah fenomena yang baru. Dari sebelum zaman cap ayam pun dah ada tapi kenapa kita mampu mencapai prestasi tertinggi masa tu? Walhal, warga kerja yang ada sekarang pun 98% masih orang-orang yang sama. Yang ketara berubah, hanya strategi. Tapi apakah makna strategi kita kalau hanya mengharap kepada tragedi Sosilawati, MH370 dan keuntungan dari MNI sahaja?

Kuasa untuk membawa perubahan telah diamanahkan kepada Lembaga Pengarah. Peluang pertama telah diberi pada 2012 dan yang keduanya pada 2013. Kedua-dua tahun, prestasi kita merosot. Bagi peluang ketiga pula? Kita semua menjadi saksi kepada tindakan seterusnya oleh Lembaga Pengarah. Malah saya rasakan, pesaing-pesaing NSTP juga menanti dengan penuh debaran kerana kejayaan berterusan mereka bergantung kepada kegagalan kita mengubahkan status quo kini. Kalau kita sanggup menghentikan perkhidmatan seorang CEO hanya selepas 2 tahun beliau berkhidmat meskipun banyak membawa perubahan positif kepada prestasi syarikat, apakah patut kita lakukan dengan seorang CEO yang membawa syarikat ke arah kebinasaan? Lembaga Pengarah perlu berhati-hati tentang mesej yang cuba disampaikan kepada warga kerja NSTP, dunia korporat Malaysia serta Putrajaya kerana ia akan membawa tanda tanya samada NSTP mengamalkan meritokrasi atau kasihani-krasi. Saya dan rakan kerja yang lain hanya mampu berdoa semoga Lembaga Pengarah dicelikkan mata dan melihat sendiri betapa CEO kita sekarang ini tidak mampu memimpin kita semua. Bagilah apa strategi ilmu perang bomoh agung macam mana pun, kalau tak mampu tu, tak mampu je lah. Bukan salah beliau kerana gagal menjalankan tugas yang nyata di luar kemampuannya tetapi salah Lembaga Pengarah sendiri jika terus mengharapkan satu keajaiban dari individu ini. Orang lain semua guna kuda racing tapi kita sendiri gunakan keldai dan harapkan keldai tu daya bersaing. Kasihanlah keldai yang tidak bersalah itu.

Sebelum saya mengakhiri luahan saya ini, saya mohon maaf jika ada yang terguris hati dengan apa yang saya nyatakan, namun bak kata pepatah Inggeris "The Numbers Never Lies". Kita lihatlah sendiri apa akan jadi pada keputusan suku pertama 2014 ini. Kalau nak ikut sejarah 2 tahun lepas, rasanya kita akan terus menjunam. Janganlah tunggu sampai kita tersungkur baru nak bergegas membuat perubahan.

Setiap yang baik semua daripada Allah, yang buruk semua daripada saya.

Pemerhati Prihatin.

Nasihat : Ayam Brand dan Liverpool kedua-duanya dimulakan pada tahun
1892 dan menggunakan sejenis burung di dalam logo masing-masing. Jadi
berhati-hatilah bila panggil orang cap ayam, takut terkena kat team

Well, now the board will have to decide whether they want to stand by Azlan or abandon him.

According to little birds on Jalan Liku, the staff are unhappy with last year's bonus which they felt was rather low compared to previous years'.

And that could be the reason behind the poison pen letter which was distributed and timed just 24 hours before the Media Prima AGM.

Now the question is "will Azlan remain the CEO" after tomorrow?

If Azlan goes, what about other members of the management team? They are also partly responsible for the dire situation at the NSTP which is seeing its circulation figures falling like dead flies including Harian Metro.

What happens next will be interesting. While the staff are baying for Azlan's blood, those in the management will certainly tread the matter carefully.

The axe should not fall on Azlan's alone. It has to be on all the non-performers including the editors running the papers.