Sunday, April 28, 2019


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Ladies and Gentlemen, 

The Tokoh Wartawan Negara is --- Johan Jaafar.

Johan.. WHO?

Was he a cadet reporter? Was he a reporter? Was he on the ground reporting crimes, covering the rakyat's problem? 

Oh, he's Tokoh Wartawan Negara because some people in MPI sees him fit to be one.

We already know who's going to be the next Tokoh Wartawan Negara. To avoid embarrassment, no name will be mentioned. Those in line need not worry but they can start drafting their acceptance speech text.

It's among friends anyway.

It's going to be a Malay.

To the non-Malays journalists who write well and known, please don't complain.   

Anyway, the award ceremony was graced by the private sectors who bought tables.

Former editors and journalists, please reads the papers and follow your ex-colleagues Facebook to find out the next Tokoh Wartawan Negara.

MPI only invites certain friends and personalities to grace their annual event.

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