Sunday, February 9, 2014


Wong Sai Wan to replace June Wong at the Star?

My littlebirds at the Star dismissed it as a piece of rumour. But they dare'nt dismissed it as a piece of B******t.

So I take it as half true, half rumour.

My littlebirds confided in me Saiwan left after being sidelined when June Wong was made his boss.

Apparently, they said the PM Office wanted Saiwan to be slightly below Wong Chun Wai but the Chua Soi Lek regime felt that Saiwan was unsuitable to fight for their cause.

So they made June the most powerful woman at the Star.

Now it's Liow Tiong Lay's regime. They say Liow can be more ferocious that CSL but i beg to differ.

I see Liow as no more than a teddy bear. Even softer than a teddy bear at times.

Never mind. Let's see whether Saiwan will be back at the Star to rock the boat.

We want to enjoy some excitement at the Star as we horse the year of the Horse.

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