Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The axe will this week fall on two top executives at the New Straits Times Press.

It is long overdue. Things would have been different had the chopping came a little bit sooner. But they say it is never too late and there are many ways to save a sinking ship.

Little bird whispered that Anthony Firdauz Bujang, NSTP chief executive, and NSTP Group Managing Editor Zainul Arifin Muhammed Isa, will be booted out the latest by Friday.

Why? Dwindling sales of the New Straits Times, the flagship of the NSTP.

Little bird says NST's circulation has dipped to the lowest in the company's history and the company simply sits still watching sales falling like flies.

Come Friday, Anthony and Zainul will be made to pay the price for their poor supervision of the NST.

Some say, in public, executives are quoting the NST circulation averaging at 120,000 copies a day but in the backyard, concerned staff are implying that the figures have been inflated to prevent a slide in advertising revenues.

At one stage, they say, the NST's circulation dropped below 60,000 copies a day and the worst performer has been the New Sunday Times.

There have been talks that there would also be changes in the ranks at the editorial level but it will take place gradually with executives passing their sell dates will be told to pack up by the end of the year.

 Little bird also revealed that there have been too many passengers onboard NST especially at the editorial level and the paper is suffering primarily because of these non-performers.

But there is also suggestion that the changes are politically motivated as the ruling party is preparing an all out assault on the opposition as the general election nears.

But observers say the change will not end with the removal of the two senior executives.

Changes are also expected at sister papers Berita Harian and Harian Metro and at Media Prima before we say goodbye to 2011.

As always, NST's politics brighten the lives of journalists.

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  1. The CEO does not have a say on what is published in the paper. That is the job of the Group Managing Editor..

    Under Dato Anthony Bujang, Nstp has seen 20% growth in revenue compared to the usual 2% growth. The company has also seen the highest employee engagement and biggest bonus payment in it's modern history. He managed to hire top executives from MNCs to help him with the company transformation and the results of his efforts can clearly be seen if you know anything about the company's financial performance.

    Him going is a big lost to the company and it's employees.